Can you believe what I thrifted today?

An authentic pair of worn-out black DMs (Doc Martens) baby! Fuck yeah!!!!

My dream shoes! Now I finally have one! Oh gosh I’m all smiles right now like a fucking retard.

Ok so how did I know it’s authentic? Duh, its in the label?! It’s thrifted but it’s not exactly cheap. It’s expensive like shit but I didn’t care. I’d be spending double or triple if I get a brand new one anyway.

The leather is a bit worn out—but in a good way. Hello, leather ALWAYS looks good when its worn out, yeah? And the rubber soles, man. Flawless. Like it’s only been used 5 times.

I went psycho bitch when I tried in on at the store. When I saw myself on the mirror wearing those boots, all I could think of was that I am never leaving the damn place without these boots in my bag. Never! And I just know it’s super worth the price. It made me too happy for words.

Tt’s definitely a gem. A fucking treasure so precious I’m thinking of throwing all my other shoes away so I could wear this for the rest of my life! Haha. Yah. I can see myself living in these boots for the next…10 years (probably even on my wedding day and the day I pop out my first baby)?! LOL. But seriously. It’s a major major dream come true. I feel like crying in happiness and in awe of how fucking amazing I am in thrifting. I’m the ultimate thrifting queen. Super.

PS: ignore the poor photos. will def. take decent photos when I get back to the valleys. Hehe. I just couldn’t wait to brag about it, that’s why. So yeah. Tell me I’m awesome. :P

One last thing. Please don't ask me where I've been and why I haven't posted anything in this blog of mine. I can't think of an excuse right now. And the truth is I'm guilty, okay? I've been such a very very irresponsible blogger for going away without even saying why. Haha. So sorry blog. And to the...1...2...3 people who actually reads this blog?? ^__^ Don't worry, you were never forgotten. I've just been very useless this past few months so. There.

I will not make a promise but I'll try my best to post new stuff! It's actually nice that I got my dream shoes now, I feel more excited to take pictures of new outfits! ^.^ So wish me luck?


  1. Haha...I love youre reaction to your new boots :) I love doc martens as wellll...I have a pair of them that I thrifted but theyre too big and ratty now D:

  2. @Hyuna Haha I know! it's been 24 hours since I wrote this entry and now I can't stop laughing as I read it again! :P

  3. awesome! lucky girl! how much were they? i agree, doc martens look way better when they're worn in so I think that's a plus :)

  4. @The Perpetrator
    Thanks! I'm lucky indeed! It's Php1,800 but I got it for only 1,500 ^__^

  5. San ka nag-uukay? :) I'm so happy for you! :)

  6. @N
    Hi N! Favorite kong mag ukay sa Quiapo, Avenida, Sta.Mesa at Cubao! ^___^

  7. i have a pair of them too, which i thrifted months ago. they're 2 sizes bigger but i still bought it, haha.. they're definitely a good find. =D


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