Because today is Friday the 13th, I decided I will post my 13th collection tonight! That’s 13 pieces of fab fab ukay finds!!! ;) And because it’s a rush collection, I named the collection THIRTEEN and each of the items as “one”, “two”, three”, up to “thirteen”. HAHA Sometimes, even laziness can result to coolness. ;P

Here are my favorite pieces from Lovechild Vintage's Friday the 13th Collection:

I just luuuv all the horizonal and vertical lines! ;) And yeah, I just added that fringe chain bag to so there will be 13 pieces on my 13th collection. It's called SACRIFICE y'all. Hehe It's hard letting go of something I really love~! Chos. Anyway, the rest of Lovechild Vintage's "THIRTEEN" collection can be found HERE


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