stuck on you

Leopad Print Top - Thrifted
Mustard cardigan - SM
Demin cut-offs - used to be a pair of pants but I DIYed it.

It's been a year since I started wearing leopard prints but I'm still obsessed with them until now. I can't even count how many leopard printed stuff I have in my closet. Haha

This top was actually on sale at my shop Lovechild Vintage but since the shoppers don't seem to notice what a freaking awesome top this is, I decided to adopt it instead.They're SO gonna regret it. HAHA I've been eyeing it for a long time anyway. So the fact that no one wants to buy it must mean we're supposed to be together. It must be meant for my closet. ;)


  1. looove that caridgan!! so cute, i've been looking for a mustard coloured cardigan for ages! (:

  2. lol i think i have that exact cardigan from SM. :) i love that outfit!


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