love the way you lie

So Eminem continues to sing his life that's so similar to mine. His music just means so much to me that's why I love this man so much. And so is the video of his song Love The Way You Lie featuring scorching hot hot Megan Fox and Lost star Dominic Monaghan.

I think the video was awesome, yes, including those heavy make out scenes. In fact, I was even more distracted by Rihanna's red hair and red nails, instead of those superhot shots of Megan and her guy.

Anyway, another thing I loved about the video was Megan Fox's outfit. Couldn't find bigger screencaps so I created a set in Polyvore instead. I'm definitely copying this look. That's for sure.


  1. Who are the shorts by? Who's the shirt by too?

  2. Heyy what is the brand and style of the boot? I can't find them anywhere. Please and THank you


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