where's your head at?

My latest thrifted top. :) It's comfortable but a little sheer so I had to wear something underneath or else I'mma be a peepshow star under the sun. Haha.  The star print reminds me of Christmas lanterns, [OMG can you feel it coming?] While the shape and length reminds me of Dara and Minji of 2NE1 who always wear superoversized tops on their stage performances. [Damn, I miss those girls :(]

Thrifted oversized top, liquid leggings bought online, random stack of bracelets and scrunchies

However, I find this top a little too big for me. It's kind of overwhelming for my small frame. So I'm thinking of putting it up for sale at Lovechild Vintage--maybe as part of my coming collections. :) And don't mind me. I just don't feel extra pretty today. No make up, no big eyes. So that explains the headless photos.

BTW here are my very confused nails. I was having the hardest time deciding on what design to paint on them so I wounded up doing different stuff on each one of the nails. ^_^ It looks fun and childish, doesn't it?


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