Miss Nothing, Miss Everything

My muse, Taylor Michel Momsen, Pretty Reckless frontwoman, Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, the girl from The Grinch, turns seventeen today!

And I feel like I have to celebrate it because this was the day one of my favorite girls was born.
So,  Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!!Haha. :D

You see, I have this immeasurable, unexplainable and undying obsession with this girl. I'm in love with her face, her style, her attitude, her voice and the way she shocks people with everything she does. I just love every little piece of her!

Anyway, here's a song that's been stuck in my head since yesterday, Miss Nothing by Pretty Reckless...

...and the badass screen caps from its music video.

I bet The Righteous Ones A.K.A. close-minded critics, have a lot to say about Taylor's behavior in this music video...but I don't see any reason for me to be concerned about what they say because obviously, Ms.Momsen herself doesn't give a fuck. HAHA.

So what if she wears that much eye make-up? So what if she doesn't wear that much clothes? So what if she doesn't have table manners? So what if she's only seventeen? I love her all the same--and so does a gazillion of her other fans around the world!

Now I'm gonna shut up and share some of my favorite looks of Taylor instead. I have tons of them in my computer but I'm too lazy to edit each one. :D

*Taylor's staples=aviators and a rosary necklace
She's such a rockstar.


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