Black Saturday

Thrifted top, thrifted +DIY shorts, Forever21 accessories

Went thrifting this morning and found this oh so effing gorgeous black lacey long sleeved top. It actually had a butterfly embellishment in the middle but I took it off  cuz I find it very tacky. Haha. And I'm not a huge fan of butterflies--especially when they're on clothes. Haha.

I loved the lace details cuz its so Topshop! And look at the back part! Oh, I am so in love! And the best part is, I got it for a really really cheap price. TREASURE indeed. :)

To be honest, it was supposed to be part of my upcoming collection for my store, Lovechild Vintage, but I'm having second thoughts on selling it now. Yeah, my selfishness attacks again.  It's just that, I might not find something like this again on other thriftshops! Ugh. Sorry girls, I think I'm keepin' it.


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