birthday girl

Topshop dress worn as a top, Jag jeans, thrifted shoes

today is my birthday! so is paris hilton’s. hehe i just love the fact that i celebrate the same birthday with popular peeps like paris, michael jordan, billie joe armstrong, michael bay and one of our local artists here in the philippines, anne curtis. i love ’em all! :)

anyway, i went out for a bday lunch date/post-valentine date with the boyfriend at gateway mall! i’ve always wanted to eat out in that garden-ish spot in the mall and finally, today was the day that dream came true!

after that, i went to mass @ megamall with my cousins, Ida and Jullien and my Tita and her friends. It’s Ash Wednesday, we’re not supposed to eat meat but….hey! it’s my birthday! so yeah. we ended up bingeing on chicken and pizza for dinner! and took photos with the eiffel tower replica! :)

BTW. I love this topshop dress so much cuz I can also wear it as a tunic top! :) so yeah, forgive me for the replay, i’m pretty obsessed with it! :)


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