shirt from DV, thrifted tutu skirt, DIY accessories, santa hat from SM

hey guys! i'm back!

sad to say, i wasn't able to complete the 9 nights of "simbang gabi"/"midnight mass". lol. i only made it through the first night!!!! huhu

anyway, this is what i wore on christmas eve while we were exchanging gifts till the wee hours of the morning!

i felt bad for not being able to complete all the 9 midnight mass (and also because i even prepared 9 different outfits for it haha) i was just kidding about the outfits part mmmkay?! but i'll just try again next year! what matters now is that my christmas rocked!!! how about yours?

happy holidays!!! and [belated] merry christmas everybody!


  1. nice photos dear :)love the shirt cool

  2. hii I just discovered your blog and I love your outfits! they're super cute :)
    happy holidays btw :D

  3. lol! love santa hat with a rebel t ;)
    happy 2010 :)


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