everything's so blurry

top bought online, Topshop jeggings, vintage purse, DIY necklace, gladiator wedge from gojane.com

I ordered this top online and it arrived this morning. I loved it sooo much I had to wear it when I went out this afternoon for some errands. XD

Please forgive me for the uber blurry and out of focus photos! I was so in a rush so I asked my cousin to take my photos. Turns out she didn’t know how important FOCUS is for dslr cameras. Ugh. She took a lot of shots but none of ’em were decent enough for a chictopia/lookbook photo! Grrr. I guess my cousins need a course on the basics of taking pictures! FOCUS!!!!


  1. your top is so pretty. your whole outfit is amazing. :)

    mind if i copy you? :) just kidding. but it really looks great.

  2. thanks so much dear! of course i wouldn't mind!! ^___^


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