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Oh! BTW. This fab girl from chictopia, foxiepixie, tagged me, so now, i have to share 7 things about me! :)

1. I just quit my job! That's why I was able to make a comeback @ Chictopia, Lookbook, and was even able to finally put up my own fashion blog! Check out:

2. I go to Graduate School on weekends. Its pretty boring but I learn something new every week! XD My favorite subject this semester is my Law and Ethics class.

3. I'm a lovechild. I grew up without my biological parents. Both of them have their own separate lives now, different families, different kids. My aunties and cousins are like my foster family. XD

4. I don't smoke and I drink only on occasions. I use to drink a lot back in college but now, just the thought of the taste of alcohol in my mouth makes me sick. :)

5. I love beaches. I'd love to live beside the ocean for the rest of my life.

6. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. He's my fourth boyfriend and I'm his first [and last] girlfriend ever! ^___^

7. The closest friends I have are my cousins and my boyfriend. I used to have many friends but it turns out some of them have been fake around me all those times. (I guess foxiepixie and I are kind of the same cuz we both chose "really crappy persons")

So now, I'm tagging these peeps!

Hope these tagged peeps don't mind! :) And I wanna thank you all for your lovely comments and your warm welcome! XD You guys never failed to make my day!


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