you got to be startin' somethin'

(Michael Jackson shirt from AM Blvd., thrifted black shorts, DV aviator sunglasses, shoes from SM Dept.Store)
  • Got this MJ shirt last Friday…and t’was on sale! . :) Me loves it! :)
  • I really love those shoes so I’m wearing it again. But I didn't wear them to work today cuz t'was rainin' and there's no way I'm stepping on the puddles of mud on the streets with those shoes!
  • T'was a fine day at work! I pretty much lazed around like all day long! BUT! Of course that doesn't mean I wasn't working. I finished curing the movie "Diborsyada" before lunch so since rendering and transcoding takes forever to finish, I got to take a Power Nap and it was so fucking good I tell you! And then when I woke up, I had more time to kill so I went back to our "Internet Station" to catch up on 2NE1TV!
  • After work, I went to SM Megamall with Junjun & Kuya Noel, bought stuff from CD-R King then had dinner at Pizza Hut! YUMMY!


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