im in ruins

(Tube Top from Genevieve Gozum, thrifted & DIYed gray vintage shirt, thrifted & DIYed denim shorts, People are People shoes)
  • Yes, I am. I am in ruins. I am in ruined clothes. :)
  • This thrifted gray vintage shirt used to be long-sleeved but I’m in a tropical country where long sleeves are not really that friendly for everyday wear so, I cut off the sleeves!
  • As for these shorts, well, they’re thrifted too! LOL. I’ve had them for like 3 years or something, but they used to be just a few inches above my knees. Praise the Fashion Gods and Goddeses for the return of denim cut-offs, I was able to give my favorite denim shorts a major make-over! :)
  • They said Tyra Banks is the Queen of Cheap but I beg to disagree. I think it’s me! Haha.
  • I don’t mean that in a harsh way though. I just realized that most of my clothes are actually just rare and precious thrift finds! SO EFFING CHEAP! The only thing I really splurge on are shoes. :)
So there!



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