(thrifted Zara blazer, thrifted vintage shirt, zipper leggings bought online, heels from crossings dept. store, aviators from DV)

i was kinda worried about this blazer. i thought i won’t be able to pull if off as awesome as the other style icons. although i know it’s not the best, i’m glad that it’s not that bad and i like it!

...and i'm even happier that i'm not the only one who actually liked it! CHECK IT OUT!


sigh. simple things like these make me super duper happy. i feel like i already have everything i need in my life!

i have a loving family, a hott boyfriend, a supercool job and supercool workmates, my supercool chic blogs, my supercool business, my supercool tools, my precious thrifted treasures, my long hair, my supercool idols (2ne1) hehe. everything! every fucking thing I NEED!

yeah, i said everything I NEED. not everything i want. no human being can possibly have everything she wants so i'm contented and happy having all of these because they're all i really need right now!

gosh. this is the life of a grudge-free person! so light and easy, so happy and pretty! lol. how i wish haters (i.e. "the abomination" or "chicago bulls") would take a sec to look at the mirror right now so they'd realize how fugly they have become for having so much hate in their hearts. Haha!

lalalalala..... :)


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