I'm so effing cheap

(nerdy eyeglasses from Quiapo, thrifted cardigan, thrifted dress, thrifted shoes, thrifted bag)

  • so, yes. the only thing not thrifted in this look are my eyeglasses! and I even got it for only P50 ($1) lol . i know, right? i'm so effing cheap! but what i can be proud of is that i can wear the cheapest clothes without looking cheap! haha. i know some girls who likes to brag about the brand of their clothes but they usually end up looking like nannies. eew.
  • so these past three days at work has been so easy! all we did was laze around! watch movies, sleep, surf the internet, eat, then repeat!
  • yesterday, i watched Ice Age 3 which was so hilarious! and then the cool superhero movie, Push! I loved Dakota Fanning's character Cassie Holmes---and her clothes! Hmm...i see an inspiration! :)
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