by the end of the night i'mma have u so f*cked up

No, i have no plans of having patron, tequila, or get drunk with margarita tonight. LOL. i just really love that song by the Paradiso Girls. Another perfect song to get wasted to! :) DUH. As if I still have time to waste on getting wasted?! LOL. Busy busy girl I am.

Anyway, the zipper leggings i bought online arrived today! I LOVED IT!

(thrifted leopard print top, zipper leggings bought online, shoes bought online, thrifted purse, DIY accessories)

BTW. I didn't enjoy taking pictures tonight cuz it was fucking hot today! My gawd! This morning, I thought the heat was just caused by our busted AC but when I got home tonight, it was still superhot! Ugh. I hate it!


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