and baby when it's love, if it's not rough it isn't fun

(DV sunnies, thrifted leopard print top, thrifted + DIYed denim cut-offs, thrifted fringe purse, SM dept. store shoes)
  • did you notice my leopard print obsession? oh well, you haven’t seen everything yet. lol. it’s kinda embarrassing but what can i do? i am so drawn to animal prints!
  • btw. bought those shoes yesterday! and guess where i got it?! from SM department store! it’s not everyday that they have really nice shoes in them shelves so I got the last pair! coolness! i love it cuz it looks like Nine West’s—only chunkier. :)
  • if ur wondering why i always have shades on, it’s because i’m [always] too lazy to put on some eye make-up. well, not really lazy. i just really don’t have the skillz! i guess that’s one thing i must learn!! lol


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