Weekend Wars

What a weekend! what a long crazy weekend! T'was a lot of fun, food and...yeah. Drama.

I can't believe I just realized it now. All these time, I'm just a miserable little girl who gets everything she wants except for a GENUINE MOTHERLY LOVE. Heck, I don't even know what *that means.

Okay, enough. I had the hardest time getting over that harsh reality, so here are my failed attempts to cheer myself up:
Tuna Pasta!

Jamille made my favorite Tuna Pasta so I ate it like there's no tomorrow! T'was hot and spicy and cheesy and just perfect! Just the way I like it! Does it look yummy to you? It does to me so who cares?

Boys Over Flowers!

My cousins Jamille, Jullien and I finished the whole series yesterday. T'was awesome, of course! We cried, laughed and giggled together---exactly---even Jullien!!! LOL.

New Stuff!

Loved the Joker tee, cuz it's "creepy chic"!

Shirt - DV
Vest - thrifted
Denim cut-offs - Thrifted + DIYed
Sandals - GoJane.com
Bag - thrifted

I spotted this bag for the first time last week at a thriftshop in Vicente Cruz. Poor me was broke that time so I wasn't able to grab it. But you see, I've always wanted a navy blue bag, and since the day I laid my eyes on this one, I couldn't take it out of my head anymore! So when I told myself I MUST HAVE IT, a few days later, I already have it! ;)
Wi-fi & Tacos!

Tanene's friend Kuya Alex came over to fix our wi-fi connection here at home. As if that wasn't fucking awesome enough, we also had Tacos for dinner!

So there. Bye.


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