Hey look! That's me!

What's up ya'll! Happy Independence Day! Are you happy that our country is free from invaders? Yeah, right. Like I care. Haha

Today is a very special day for me. Not only because it's me and Seph's 43rd month together but also because....GUESS WHAT?

For the very first time, I found my post in Chictopia's Style Gallery! After 5 posts since joining Chictopia, my dream to make it to the Style Gallery has finally come true!

Here goes the proof. Lookie!!!

Sigh....you have no idea how happy I was when I opened Chictopia and found myself right there! I wanted to jump and jump and jump until my legs give up! And since the Style Gallery updates like every minute, I had to capture the moment before new looks come up! If I only opened it a little earlier, I must've seen myself on the first row! :( But that's okay, just being ON the style gallery is more than enough!

LOL. Sorry for the exaggeration, I just really find simple things like this enough to make me superhappy! It inspires me to do much better in my new-found hobby! ;)
Anyway, here's the look that got me into the Style Gallery.

My favorite romper - thrifted
Bag - thrifted
heart-shaped sunnies - Divisoria
sandals - Celine


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